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Explore a World of Student Clubs and Organizations

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of extracurricular clubs, an enriching part of your campus experience. Whether you're an academic achiever, a dedicated volunteer, or a fun-loving night owl, there's a club that aligns perfectly with your interests and passions.

Browse the extensive list of clubs below, and be sure to check back regularly as we continuously add new and exciting options. If you discover a club that piques your interest, reach out to the club advisor or contact Student Engagement to join the ranks of these dynamic groups. Let your college journey be filled with memorable connections and unforgettable experiences through our diverse range of clubs and organizations.

Clubs and Organizations

The Active Minds Club is dedicated to changing the conversation around student mental health. We work together to utilize the student voice to raise mental health awareness among college students. By coming together, we can empower students to speak openly about mental health issues on campus to reduce stigma, encourage help-seeking and prevent suicides. All of this is done through campus awareness events, promoting available resources to students, advocating for positive change, representing the student's voice, and creating programs that are responsive to students' unique needs on our campus.

Meetings: Wednesday 2pm
Contact: Deborah Riggs | 774.330.4610 | 

The purpose of this club is to provide a platform for students to engage in educational experiences, hands-on projects, and collaborative learning centered around the restoration of aircraft.

Meetings: Wednesdays 1PM and 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month @ 11AM

Advisor: Burton Schriber

Club President:  Luna De La Bruere

Anime Club brings together students interested and/or knowledgeable about Japanese anime and manga, western-created animations and graphic novels, as well as both foreign and western-created video games. Inquiring students will learn about the various types of each, being able to watch, read, play, or discuss different animations, novels, and games. Our hope is to learn more about new and interesting types of shows, books, and games and to broaden our knowledge of other cultures as well as our own.

Meetings: Wednesdays from 2 to 3PM in MMW Room 107 or 117

Advisor:  Kathleen Fulginiti  774.330.4533

Students meet to share hands on activities making art.  We foster increased awareness and enjoyment of Art, concentrating on hands on activities for all interested students. 

Meetings: Wednesdays 2-3 Studio B

Club president: Sarah Kearns

Advisor:  Sara David Ringler

The Best Buddies Club fosters friendships between college students with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities. Although our aim is to eventually promote a 1:1 friendship model, for now we are providing a space for social mentoring through activities that promote meaningful connections.

Meetings: First and last Tuesday of the month, 2 – 3 pm

Advisor: Cre Dorey 774.330.4481

Collegiate Recovery Program is a supportive peer group that reinforces the decision to engage in and/or maintain recovery while attending classes. Student members support recovery from any addiction or mental health issue. Through individual support and campus advocacy, the club aims to create an inclusive environment and supportive community to help students in recovery thrive at 4C’s and beyond.

Meetings: First and third Wednesday each month from 2:15 to 3:15 p.m. Room 116 in the Maureen Wilkens Building.
Contact: Cheryl Kramer | 774-330-4611 |

This club is for students who love to write and want to meet others with similar interests. Come write with us!

Advisor:  Rebecca Griffin 774.330.4554

Meetings: Wednesdays from 2-3

Dental Hygiene Club cultivates, promotes, and sustains the art and science of Dental Hygiene.  Provides networking opportunities in order to get a better understanding of the profession and all that it entails.
Open to accepted Dental Hygiene students

Meeting Times: 
Wednesday Monthly: 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM
Location: MMWIL 115
Zoom link also available: Contact for a special link.

Join us in playing Dungeons & Dragons, a classic game of imagination! We also play a variety of other table-top role-playing games from independent developer studios and provide workshops & feedback to those interested in game design! No experience necessary, just have fun!

Meetings:  Tuesdays 2 - 3 PM

Advisor:  Alisha Fabia 774.330.4311

The purpose of The Economics Club is to improve the students at Cape Cod Community College’s knowledge of economics at the global, national, and individual level. With goals to help teach the importance of making the most efficient and effective financial decisions. As well as host events to help build connections for students in any major with the right organizations and individuals to further their education or professional careers.

Meetings:  Tuesdays, 2 PM

Club President: Benjamin Chase:

Advisor:  Matt Vazquez,

The purpose of this club is to provide a space for future funeral directors and embalmers to collaborate with each other.  The club provides opportunities to work together for the greater good of the public.  Our service mission includes raising the profile of the funeral program on campus and across the broader region.  You do not need to be enrolled in the Funeral Service Program to participate in the club.

Meetings: Second Tuesday of the month, from 1:50 - 2:30 pm via Zoom or Burnell Hall, Rm. 141 on the Bridgewater Campus

Advisor: Daniel C. Shea
Co-advisor: Gretchen R. Silva

The Honors Club strives to enhance the academic environment of all fellow students. It provides opportunities for individual growth while strengthening the campus community through the coordination of fun activities and projects focused on the club’s three principles: Scholarship, Support and Service.

Meetings: Mondays at 5PM Virtual Only
Zoom ID: 946 2434 0385




The Janus Players - Student Theatre Club offers an inclusive environment to explore your creativity! From improv to script writing, and from technical skills like scenic construction or lighting design, the club explores all thing related to creating live performance. We have hosted open mic nights, costume contests, lip synch battles and poetry slams. Join us and be a part of CREATING something amazing!

Meetings: Wednesdays 2:00 PM Tilden Arts Center Studio Theatre

Advisors: Vana Trudeau 774-330-4766 and Kendra Murphy

The Jesus Club brings together students to impact the entire campus with the love of God through prayer, acts of service, testimonies and weekly gatherings that share the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone who attends.

Meetings:  Wednesdays 2:00-3:00  Wilkens Science and Engineering G05

Advisor:  Alex Russo

For more information please contact Lisa Gagnon For more information on our Alpha Upsilon Mu chapter, visit PTK.

Pride Alliance is proud to continue its legacy of activism, social justice, breaking down barriers, and fostering strong, engaged communities along the way. We have continued to stand up, provide support, speak out, and organize for queer students and their allies by facilitating educational workshops, open forums, a speaker series, and social events. We recognize sexuality and gender identity aren’t set in stone and people’s identities can be fluid.

Meetings: (live and Zoom) Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. and Fridays (Zoom only) at 12:00 noon.

Advisor:  James Morgan, 774-330-4027,

Broadcasts 24/7 on the air and via the Web, with student and faculty DJs occupy airtime during the school year.

Meeting Times: Thursday 11:30am
Location: WKKL Radio Station
Contact: or

*Currently in Membership Drive Seeking New Members

Are you fascinated by the limitless world of STEM? Dive into a world of exploration and innovation with the 4CSTEM Club! Each week, we unlock the wonders of various STEM fields through immersive activities, experiments, and engaging STEM learning circles.

Meetings:  Mondays 2:30-3:30

Advisor:  Maura Smith-Stein

The Student Government Association (SGA) provides a voice for students in all aspects of college life.  As elected representatives of the student body they support student campus-wide activities, clubs and organizations, and participate in the college meeting.  The goals of the SGA include fostering leadership skills, encouraging school spirit, and nurturing an inclusive environment for all students. Membership is open to all 4Cs Students.

Meeting Times: 
Thursdays @ 2pm


The Club helps provide support to veterans enrolled at Cape Cod Community College in their pursuit of education through a collaboration of veterans, students, faculty, school, and government resources. The Student Veterans of America at Cape Cod Community College is a recognizable symbol with which students can relate to each other and increase the public’s general awareness of the cultures, social backgrounds, and barriers of the veteran and military community. Open and inclusive to all 4Cs Students regardless of military background. 

Meeting Times: Wednesdays at 4pm

This club promotes holistic well-being of students by providing access to recreational and educational experiences fostering a sense of community and empowering individuals to cultivate wellness values and behaviors.

Meeting Times: TBD - January 2024
Phone: 774.330.4465

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